Monday, May 02, 2016

Pride and prejudice.

Let's break some rules, okay?
I never write much in here, but I suddenly felt a great need to do so.
It's Monday, sunset. I came back home from work early today, so I had a chance to catch some warm and orange, wonderful spring light. I was sitting in my room full of tulips and unfinished watercolor paintings when I heard a song inside my head.
I remembered all tones so well even if I had no idea what song it really is. I still hear those silky sounds of a piano, coming around fast and slowly, on and on again.
I closed my eyes and then I knew - it was the theme from Pride and Prejudice. It was the theme I've learned to play myself just by listening to it very patiently. And it was the first and the last thing I have ever taught to my ex - love - of - my - life. When I was young, I was playing piano a lot - but never had a chance to learn properly. Only what I've learnt myself. I remember how much I loved discovering tones just from listening.
Then all old feelings swamped me painfully, leaving no space for a breath, no space for a move...
Yes, it will be a melancholic evening, I know.
But this love story will always be the most beautiful romance I've ever seen and read.
So I just found the DVD. It's never a bad time for Jane Austen. Never a bad time for everlasting love, made of good and pure feelings. It's never a bad time for love.
That's what my books gave me.


  1. nie mogę w to uwierzyć, to jest dzisiaj trzeci raz kiedy niespodziewanie natykam się na Pride and Prejudice
    nie wiem czy wiesz, że istnieje kontynuacja książki napisana przez inną autorkę (tytuł: Pemberley) osobiście raczej nie zamierzam jej czytać ponieważ psuje cały happy ending;p


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